Improve sales performance with A.I

Jordan is the amazing A.I Mentor to
help your team crush sales goals!

Why Jordan?

How can I improve my sales team?

Sales executives are always looking for ways to improve sales outcomes and hit sales quota.
With the help from Jordan - A.I Mentor, your business can now use the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies in order to be at the vanguard.
Sales, Soft and Product skills can be acquired anytime and anywhere with hubkn.

"As a 3-time entrepreneur, sales have been always a challenging part of the business. Not anymore, Jordan is here to help 24x7 "

Al Snow (a.k.a Almir)

Jordan was created with the most advanced A.I technologies

Jordan is the A.I developed by hubkn´s team of experts. With Jordan you can have a real conversation about a range of skills.

  • Global reach

    Jordan is global and can speak up to 20 languages.

  • Anywhere & Anytime

    Ready to deploy and use in more than 1 billion of devices.

  • Seamless integrations

    Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana, Google Assistant, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and even Skype.

  • Feedback Loop

    Jordan is always learning and improving its algorithms and knowledge base.

  • Beyond Sales

    Bring your knowledge base to Jordan, It can learn anything!

  • Data in one Click

    We can measure most questions and doubts about a subject and help your company improve training and support material.

Unlock Sales Potential

Have your sales team members always up to the latest knowledge is a huge competitive advantage. Jordan learns then it teaches your staff so they can continuously improve their capabilities.

Ready to tap 100% of your team potential? Talk to us =>

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